The Inter-Generational Effects of Slavery & Racism

Recorded on: January 5, 2018​​

About The Dialogue with Starlett Quarles 

The Dialogue with Starlett Quarles is an Internet TV Talk Show that provides a platform for young, black professionals to freely engage in conversations that are relevant to Black America.

From social justice and police brutality, to youth education, single motherhood, and economic empowerment, many young professionals are passionate about issues that impact their communities, but lack a platform where they can express their opinions and perspectives on a variety of culturally-relevant topics.

As a result, The Dialogue with Starlett Quarles fills a much-needed void for the progressive black viewer to enjoy watching intergenerational conversations around many of the thoughts, concerns, challenges, and opportunities that impact the legacy of Black America.​

Formerly housed on the LA Talk Live Network, The Dialogue with Starlett Quarles is currently on hiatus and will be re-launching on YouTube summer 2018. JOIN THE CONVERSATION by staying connected. CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE PAGE.

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Starlett Quarles on 102.3 KJLH's "Front Page" 

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